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Tree Stump Removal

After a tree has been removed there will be the tree stump remaining. Aesthetically, a tree stump is not visually appealing and can distract from the overall appearance of your landscaping. Also, a tree stump can be dangerous, as it can be tripped over if not maneuvered around or avoided when using other lawn care tools like a lawn mower. Sometimes leaving a tree stump behind causes new sprouts to grow around the stump, leading to additional removal. For these reasons and others, consider allowing us to completely and permanently remove the tree stump from your property.

Tree Removal Services

It’s an unfortunate reality that trees do eventually die. Severe wind or storms may assault the tree, or perhaps insects or disease may cause a tree to die. Sometimes a healthy tree┬áneeds to be removed as it is threatening the structure of a building or power lines. Tree removal is dangerous to both person and property and should be handled by a skilled professional. We have the necessary tools and experience to safely remove the tree and the associated debris.

Palm Tree Care

Well planted and healthy trees can be a focal point of your property. Many people consider trees to be a worry-free aspect of landscaping, where the trees basically take care of themselves. This belief may be common, but it is also incorrect. Trees do require care and attention, as with all living things, in order to thrive. Did you know removing a dead prawn from a palm tree can actually be a bad thing, as the tree receives nutrients from the dying prawn. Allow us to help you maintain your palms trees by offering you valuable advise on their care and also performing the labor required to properly care for them.

Tree Trimming Services

Trees require trimming for aesthetic and functional reasons, like keeping the tree from growing too large, but beyond mere appearances trees require pruning to maintain their overall health. A certified arborist can determine where and how much trimming is necessary, whether you’re encouraging growth or striving for a particular appearance for the tree. An expert’s help will ensure that you will both encourage you tree’s appearance and size, but also not damage your tree with too frequent or ill advised pruning.

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